What is brake boosting? (Expert Answer)

If you are a race enthusiast or just reading some race magazines, you may have come across the word brake boosting. Now you know the word, you will be curious to know, “What is brake boosting?”

Also, you may want to know everything about brake boosting, like, How does it work? Can your car do brake boosting too??

Brake boosting is a process where you press your brake and accelerator to save speed for a period and let go of your brake and have a speed boost. This process is mainly used in roll racing. 

The idea of making cars go faster got a big boost when turbochargers showed up. Turbochargers are special car parts that make your car go faster. They were created back in 1905 by a guy named Alfred Buchi, and boosting methods have changed a lot since then.

If you are a race enthusiast or just reading some race magazines, you may have come across the word brake boosting. So, “What is brake boosting?”

Also, you may want to know about brake boosting, including how it works.

Brake boosting is a process where you press your brake and accelerator to save speed for a period and let go of your brake to have a speed boost. This process is mainly used in roll racing. 

In this article, we will describe everything about What is brake boosting and how it works.

After reading this article, you will clearly know about brake boosting. So keep reading while we describe to know more.

What is brake boosting?

What is brake boosting? 

Brake boosting is a very common concept practiced in roll racing. This action is mostly seen in racing, and it also works as it sounds.

What is brake boosting? When you press the brake and accelerator work at the same time, this slows the car for some moment while maintaining enough speed and power to boost the car.

Meaning the engine is building up speed, but the brake is keeping the car at a steady pace, so when you release the brake, the car releases all the built-up pace and gives your car a boost. And that’s how brake boosting works.

Usually, you see brake boosting happening in a racing car, but do you know why racers do it? Let’s find out.

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What Is The Intention Of Brake Boosting?

As now we know what brake boosting is now, let’s know why brake boosting is used

Brake boosting is used for building speed inside the engine.

Brake boosting is performed to gain extra speed in car racing. It simply helps drivers to gain an early advantage in race and leave other competitors in the dust. 

In racing, drivers need to go fast as possible, but when taking corners and steering through curved roads, drivers need to slow down, but as we know, slowing down in a race is not an option. 

So while they brake for a shorter time, they keep pushing the accelerator at the same time too. That helps them to gain speed in an instant when they let go of the brake. That’s why it’s called brake boosting in the first place.

Even in a normal situation, people seem to practice brake boosting on regular roads for more surprising speed, but you need to know it has some demerits too. 

What makes brake boosting different from anti-lag?

Is Brake Boosting Bad For Your Car?

Of course, it is. Constant brake boosting will wear and tear down your brake pads which will destroy your brakes, and you have to change the brake pads frequently because of doing brake boosting. 

Also, when you use brake boosting too much, the friction inside the brakes can eventually catch fire, and it’s a dangerous situation to be in.

Moreover, brake boosting is used when you are racing, so when you are racing, all the mechanical compartments are performing at their limits, which will put a strain on them and make them degrade faster. 

That’s why brake boosting is bad for your car, and not recommended to perform it frequently if you are not participating in racing.

Although you can perform brake boosting once in a while, which will have less effect on your car

Is Brake Boosting Dangerous For You?

If done well with experience, safety precautions and also not constantly performing it, brake boosting isn’t that risky.

But as you know, knives can be used in both ways. If you are not careful with them, it will eventually hurt someone. 

So brake boosting on busy roads is quite dangerous because there are so many vehicles, and keeping constant speed is a tough job to do.

That’s why it is not advised to use brake boost on busy roads. 

Also, try to do it once in a while, or the brakes will catch fire and make it worse.

Here are some safety tips for brake boosting:

  1. Don’t brake boost in busy areas where it’s tough to maintain a constant speed.
  2.  It is advised not to brake boost on public roads, but if you are willing to, you need to practice it to the point where you are confident about bake boosting.
  3.  The brake boosting method is mainly used in a race track, where you need to maintain speed and need a boost after slowing down at curves. That’s why you should always try to use it on race tracks.
  4.  Do not perform brake boosting constantly. As we mentioned before, constant brake boosting will damage your vehicle. That’s why keep it limited to put less strain on the brake pads.

What makes brake boosting different from anti-lag?

Brake boosting and anti-lag both works for extra speed. The only thing that differentiates them is the means to achieve speed increases. Brake-boosting works immediately, while anti-lag takes some time. Now the question is, what is anti-lag?

Anti-lag is a type of in-vehicle technology triggered to limit the vehicle’s speed or motor RPM without restricting your turbocharger. By doing so, the turbocharger can still generate power even though its engines are confined within the speed and RPM you have already decided beforehand.

Now you know what brake boosting is and why drivers practice it. But the question you may ask can you apply it in your driving? Which car can tolerate brake boosting and so on? 

The answer to the question is there are some car types with which brake boosting is possible.

Can you brake-boost Automatic Cars?

 Brake boosting in automatic vehicles is much less complicated than in manual cars. There has a different method for brake boosting an automatic car.

Here are two methods to do so

Method 1: Push Down The Brakes First 

 You can follow the steps step by step. 

  • Reach a persistent speed of around 20 mph. 20 mph is a modest number for racing maneuvers. It is sufficient in most cases. Then gradually press on the brakes in the process.
  • When your brake is fully engaged, hold down your gas pedal. The noises of turbochargers will be gradually up.
  • After the turbochargers start to accelerate, remove your foot. Exhaust fumes might be a little overwhelming, but it’s ok. Now you can feel the power of your car.
Method 2: Push Down the Brakes and Gas Pedals At The Same Time

Method 2: Push Down the Brakes and Gas Pedals At The Same Time

-Increase the vehicle velocity to at least 20 mph. For being much more accurate, 30 mph is much preferable.

  • Place the left foot on your parking brakes and the right on the gas pedals. Both should work simultaneously.
  • Use the left foot, and apply gentle pressure to the parking brake. At the same time, hit the gas pedal with your right one.
  •  Remain in this pattern for about 2 to 3 seconds. Finally, extract your foot and let the vehicle spiral on the road on its own. 

How to Brake Boost A Manual Car?

Brake boosting in a manual car is quite difficult. But if you use the proper technique, it will work like magic. Like an automatic car, you have two methods you can apply in a manual car too. There are two methods you can apply. 

Method 1: Use Handbrake

Method 1: Use Handbrake

Handbrakes are among the most streamlined instruments for manual automobiles. Maybe it’s difficult to use, but it gives you a bonus point for safety.

  •  Drag down the clutch pedals and rev the engine to around 3000 RPM
  •  Engage the handbrake and keep it in place while releasing the clutch pedal.
  • When your car start moving, slowly release the handbrake until the engine produces noises.
Method 2: Use Footbrake

Method 2: Use Footbrake

 Handbrake is not a comfortable method for all. Especially people who are used to both manual and automatic cars. Footbrake is a good solution for them. Follow these steps, step by step. 

  •  Lower the clutch pedals and rev the engine to roughly 3000 RPM.
  • Press down the footbrake while releasing your clutch pedal gradually.
  • As the vehicle rolls along, slowly get your foot off the footbrake till the engine roars. Your car will start moving. 

Can You Brake-Boost a Supercharged Vehicle?

 No – it’s normally not possible with the supercharged vehicle. It may be possible with an extra component, but it’s prohibited on a regular supercharged vehicle. 

You need to know some important topics while thinking about brake boosting. 

Brake boosting while rolling. 

 Brake boosting is possible while rolling. Many drivers achieve these effects while rolling their cars. The better speed you get gives you the opportunity to be ahead of others. 

While launching a car

 Many drivers use the opportunity from starting point. Many cars come with launch control, and most people who use the technique actually perform a brake-boosting maneuver from a roll. Cars like BMW gives you some advantage regarding this.

What are the brake-boosting manufacturers? 

 There have some world-renowned industries which supply great manufacturers for brake boosting. Hitachi, TRW, Mando, and Crown Automotive are giants in the brake-boosting industry. Their innovation still gets a lot of appreciation from customers around the glove. Every day new features are being launched by different companies. There still have a long road in this way.


Brake boosting is actually used on race tracks to keep up with the competition. Boosting the performance of the car while braking is the primary job here. After taking tight corners and curvy lanes, race cars need a significant boost, and that is where brake boosting is used.
Now you know What is brake boosting? It is undoubtedly an excellent procedure for car racing. But before you jump into action, remember it needs a lot of practice, and always follow the safety precautions. Also, please don’t hold the effect for too long, and don’t use it more often.

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