What color is negative on a car battery?

What Color Is Negative On A Car Battery?

Knowing how to distinguish between the positive and negative wires of a car battery is crucial when you face a dead or malfunctioning battery, as it determines whether you’ll need a replacement or just a recharge. So when you try to unplug your battery, the question arises: What color is negative on a car battery?

For most batteries, the negative wire is black in color, and the positive is red. However, there are many batteries that may use different colors. But for most of the batteries, Red is used as positive, and black is used as negative.

Replacing or disconnecting is not a simple task. For this, you must know how to find out which wire is negative and which is positive. Yes, it’s not always easy to remember the order to disconnect and reconnect the terminal. 

We will give you the necessary information about color indication on the battery in this article. So keep reading till the end!

Why it’s important to differentiate the color of the car battery terminator? 

Typically there are two battery terminators – one negative and one positive and they have two different circuits connected to them. These two separate wires need to disconnect differently in the correct order.

To follow this procedure, you must know which terminator is positive and which terminator is negative. A dangerous accident can occur if we mistakenly follow the wrong order while disconnecting the terminators. Connecting also demands the correct order; otherwise, your battery will be damaged permanently.

What color is negative on a car battery? Two methods you need to know  

What colour is negative on a car battery?

There are two ways you can identify which wire is negative and which one is positive. You can spot the difference between the positive and negative poles by knowing them.

1. Color-Coded Cables And Terminals

Usually, car batteries symbolize two different colors. One indicates positive, and one indicates negative.

Usually, most car uses black color to symbolize the negative and red as the positive pole. There are some different ones that use, blue or other colors to symbolize negative terminals. But the positive sign is always constant. And red color is always used to symbolize a positive terminal on a battery. You can simply identify the battery terminal type by merely seeing its color.

2. Battery Case Markings:

If your car battery poles are faded you can try the other way. Car batteries have (-) and (+) symbols to let the user know which terminal is positive and which one is negative.

The positive terminal is marked with a ‘plus’ symbol (+) or “POS,”

and the negative is marked with a minus symbol (-) or “NEG.”

Now by trying the two methods above, you can differentiate between positive and negative terminals.

But what if you need to jumpstart your car, let’s know more in detail

How to Jump Start A Car (6 easy steps)

To jump-start your car, you will need jumper cables. It’s better for you to keep them with you always in case of emergency. Jumper cables come in various sizes based on their sizes; normally, they come in 10 to 20 feet size. You need to make sure the jumper cables are always rust and damage-free.

STEP 1: Get a car that has a working battery.

Get a car that has a working battery

Get a car that has a working battery to power up your battery. Align the car with your car close enough so that the jumper cables can reach both battery terminals.

STEP 2. Locate the positive and negative terminals on your battery

Locate the positive and negative terminals on your battery

Identify which terminal is positive and which terminal is negative. Based on the information above you can identify the terminals. Be careful identifying them because attaching them to the wrong terminal can cause your battery to explode and fail.

STEP 3. Identify the dead battery ‘ground’:

Identify the dead battery ‘ground’

In a car, the metal frame or engine block serves as the “ground.” This ground plays the role of a negative connector, which helps to divert electrical energy away from nearby components in the car.

Attach the jumper battery cables in this order

STEP 4. Attach the jumper battery cables in this order:

  1. Start by connecting the red (positive) cable to the positive terminal (+) of the dead battery.
  2. Next, attach the other end of the red (positive) cable to the positive terminal (+) of the working/good battery.
  3. Now, take the black (negative) cable and attach it to the negative terminal (-) of the working/good battery.
  4. Finally, connect the other end of the black (negative) cable to a metal part of the car’s frame or the engine block of the car with the dead battery.
Start both of the cars

STEP 5. Start both of the cars:

First, start the car with a good battery and then wait for two minutes, and after two minutes, try to start the car with the dead battery.

STEP 6: Check the result

If the jump start doesn’t work, wait for some minutes and try again to see if that works. If eventually the car starts, wait for the dead battery to build up some charge. Check if your ignition is on so that the alternator can charge your battery, or else it will run out of charge again.

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Having these questions in your mind will give you proper precautious knowledge about this process. They’re some of the questions you need to know :

Question 1: How to tell which is positive and negative on a car battery? 

Although this article is about which is negative on a car battery, you also need to know which is positive on a car battery to have complete knowledge. The black terminal and (+) signed terminal is the negative terminal. On the other hand, the black and (-) signed terminal is the positive terminal. 

Question 2: What is the reason behind the colour of car battery terminals? 

You can question why they use red to indicate a positive terminal and black to indicate a negative terminal. The answer is so simple. Whenever we see red colour, it simply means danger to us, and our brain tells us to be more careful. That’s the reason in the traffic system they use red colour to indicate stop sign. And for the same reason positioned terminal is coloured red to make use conscientious while connecting or disconnecting it.

Question 3: Which order to follow while disconnecting the battery? 

If you are disconnecting your battery first, you have to disconnect the red terminal. Only then can you disconnect the black terminal, which is a black colour terminal. 

Question 4: What colour do you hook up first on a car battery? 

Connecting a car battery needs to have an opposite direction. First red, then black. That means you have to connect the positive terminal first while connecting the battery to your car. You need to tighten the terminal. Then you can connect the negative terminal, which is black. Follow the same process here too.

Question 5: What will happen if you connect positive to negative on a battery

Connecting the wrong terminal can be dangerous. If you connect one battery’s positive terminal to the other’s negative will cause a great deal of electric current between them. It will start the battery to increase the heat as a reason for the chemical reaction. This process causes a great deal of hydrogen, and this further creates a chemical reaction. Even your car can catch fire. The most common battery type is a lead-acid battery. This process can be more hazardous for lead-acid batteries.

Question 6: How do you know which wire is negative on a car battery charger?

Car battery chargers have the same function. It has two different color wires. The red wire is the positive wire, and the black or blue wire is the negative.


Differentiating between negative and positive battery terminals is quite easy. You need to look for the color or engraved markings to identify them.

What Colour Is Negative On A Car Battery? Now you have all the basic information needed, which was the primary intention of this article. Based on the information above, you can identify the battery terminals jump start your car and get back on the road again. Hope you obtained the information you needed.

Thank you for your time!

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