How To Remove A Stripped Bolt

How To Remove A Stripped Bolt (Best 7 Techniques to Try)

If you like fixing things or doing DIY projects, you’ve likely run into a problem with stubborn bolts. It can be super annoying when a bolt gets damaged, which may also include a stripped bolt while working on a project that turned into a frustrating job that can take hours to fix. 

Well, that’s a common experience for many people, and there is a good possibility of how sometimes the task of removing a stripped bolt can go wrong unexpectedly.

So, now you may ask, “How to remove a stripped bolt?” And what are the best tools to remove stripped bolts to overcome this stubborn challenge? 

Patience is the key to finishing any task, especially when dealing with stubborn and stripped bolts. 

So have patience, and Don’t worry fellas; there are proven methods and tools to solve this problem that have been used for years, and you can overcome this situation by implementing it, which we will discuss now.

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Best 7 Ways to Remove a stripped bolt?

Best 7 Ways to Remove a stripped bolt?

There are many ways available, based on tools, by which you can remove a stripped bolt. We have tried many tools to find out which one works best and efficiently. 

Based on the tools you have with you, it requires different ways and tricks to remove the bolt, which we will discuss in this post.
Now let’s discuss how to remove a stripped bolt, the best tools for removing it, and how to use them. Some of the ways are

1. Using a Bolt Extractor kit

Bolt extractor kits work most efficiently. If you have a bolt extractor kit with you, here is how to remove a stripped bolt step by step

Step 1: using a bolt extractor kit requires drilling, striking, cutting bolts, etc. All of this can probably throw small bits of metal flying here and there. To prevent any injury, wear safety glasses and protective gloves too.

Step 2: Align the center punch with the midpoint of the stripped or rounded bolt, and gently hit it with a hammer. This is because You want to make a small dent in the center of the bolt to help guide when placing the drill bit.  

Step 3:  Select a drill bit that has a smaller diameter than the bolt or fastener, and then connect it to the power drill.

Start by Applying a small drop of thread-cutting oil to the head of the broken bolt so the drilling is easier. If the stripped bolt is rusted or hooked to metal, place a small drop of penetrating grease on the threads to help it loosen its grip.

Step 4: To remove a stripped bolt with a bolt extractor, you must align the drill bit with the punched spot on the bolt head. 

Drilling slowly and carefully ensures that the drill and bit are aligned straight with the bolt. It would help if you aimed to drill about 1/8 to 1/4 inch into the bolt head, but the depth will depend on the size of the bolt extractor you’re using.

Step 5: Now, for the last step, Insert the tip of the bolt extractor into the hole. Use either a wrench or a drill to turn the tool anticlockwise. 

The tool will fit depending on the model you’ve chosen. As you turn the bolt extractor, it will peck into the hole and grip the stripped or broken bolt. Keep turning anticlockwise and gently pull until the bolt comes out completely.

2. Use a Blow torch to heat up the bolt

In this process, you will need to be really careful. Because this time, you are going to play with fire. Wear protective gloves and goggles, and try to do it in an open place so that nothing catches fire.

Step 1: grab your blowtorch and try to heat the bolt as much as possible. By doing that, the metal will expand, and after that, it will also get smaller.
Step 2: Using the opportunity of the expanded bolt and thread, you can turn the loosened bolt with a wrench or pliers and free the stuck bolt.

3. Welding a new bolt on the stripped bolt head

While it may not be the most accessible solution, when a bolt is extremely difficult to remove, one option is to weld a new bolt head onto the old round bolt.

Step 1: Start by wearing protective wear like a welding mask and gloves because this time, you are going to weld a bolt.

Step 2: now place the new bolt head over the stripped bolt, and let it sit for some time after welding it.

Step 3: Now, the welded bolt can be used, or turn the bolt anti-clockwise and remove the bolt. But be careful because it’s welded. There is a possibility you can round the new bolt too.

4. Using an Extraction Socket Set

The extraction socket is an easy tool to remove stripped or stuck bolts. This tool is specially designed to grip any stripped or stuck bolt.

This way is an easy one, just place the socket on the stripped bolt and turn the bolt with force. This will help you to get a grip on the bolt and turn it. But it might not work because if the socket can’t grip enough on the bolt, the bolt won’t turn in the first place.

5. Using Locking Pliers

We all are familiar with this tool and have this with us most of the time. This tool is handy and works in many places. 

Regardless of being handy, this tool might do the job or might not. That’s why it’s our number 5 choice.

Just put the teeth of the locking pliers on the stripped bolt and make sure it bites onto the bolt tight. Now put pressure to turn the bolt.

But this process has a lower chance of success because the locking pliers might not have enough grip to turn the bolt.

6. Using Penetrating Fluid on the bolt

Using a Penetrating fluid will help loosen rusty or dirty nuts and bolts stuck in place. 

Step 1: Start By spraying the affected area with the fluid and giving it some time to soak in. It can break apart the rust or grime and make it easier to move the bolt. This fluid also acts as a lubricant to make the bolt slide out more smoothly.
Step 2: After soaking it, try to turn the bolt anticlockwise by using pliers. That should remove the stripped bolt.

7. Cutting a Slit on the bolt head

You will need a cutter or grinder and also a flathead screwdriver for this process. Also, safety should be maintained in this process, so wear protective goggles and gloves for your safety.

Step 1: cut a slit in the top of the bolt head with a grinder or cutter. 

Step 2: try to fit the flathead screwdriver or any other tool that will fit the slit. Now by applying for, turn the bolt anticlockwise. This will help you to remove the bolt.

Safety Measures

When you are working on your car, it can be dangerous and messy. So while working, it’s best to stay safe. 

So, having the right tools and equipment to prevent accidents like getting hurt, poking your eyes, or losing your fingers is important. Wearing safety glasses and mechanic gloves can help reduce the risk of injury when working with tools like drilling and extracting bolts.

It’s also a good idea to have a well-ventilated open workspace that’s flat, like a garage floor, driveway, or street parking area. This can help you stay comfortable and avoid breathing in harmful material while you work on your car.

Final words

If you don’t know how to remove a stripped bolt, there are many processes out there. We have gathered all the best ways and tools that you can use to remove stripped bolts. These tools work on different methods that are mentioned above, step by step. 

Be sure to follow every step precisely to complete your task perfectly. Also, working on this type of task is risky. So be sure to wear protective wear when working on this type of risky project.

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