Do all shift boots fit all cars?

Do all shift boots fit all cars?

Recent data shows that shift boots, by preventing dust and dirt damage, can extend the lifespan of a car’s inside parts by up to 92%. Amazing right?

But after using it for a while, it gets dirty and needs to be replaced. But with so many shift boots available, you may ask, “Do all shift boots fit all cars?

No, it’s not. Not all shift boots are made equal, and not all will fit all cars.

The fittings of a shift boot depend on different aspects, and at the end of the discussion, we will discover the factors with you and decide the compatibility between shift boots and cars and how you can choose the right shift boot for your car.

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What are shift boot and their purpose?

A shift boot’s purpose is to safeguard the gear mechanism from foreign elements like dirt, debris, and moisture. Also, designed shift boots bring a good look to your interior. 

We all know that nowadays, car interiors are hyped and trendy. For this reason, you will find many brands making shift boots for cars. The material used in making shift boots are normally rubber, vinyl, or plastic. 

But if you are looking for an expensive and eye catchy finish and material, you will find synthetic and leather shift boots that will cost much more, but they will serve their purpose longer than any other options available.

Do all shift boot fits every car?

Do all shift boots fit every car?

Well, no, they won’t. Shift boots are shaped with different gear sticks in mind. But some shift boots will probably fit any gear shift. They are called universal gear shifts. 

But For specific models and make, you will have to choose a custom shift boot for your car. We will give a more detailed briefing to understand these two better.

Universal shift boot: This type of shift boot is designed to fit most standard-size gear shifts, although they may gather excess material at the back of the gearbox after installing it. 

Their versatile design features a 3-way fit system that can be adjusted for a wide range of vehicles.

Custom shift boots: These types of shift boots are manually designed for a specific car and model. The fit of this shift boot gives you a more elegant and fitting design for your interior. 

A custom Shift boot is mostly an expensive choice, like a leather shift boot. The price of this shift will cost more than any other shift boots available on the market.

How to install a shift boot on your car?

To install a new shift boot on your car, you will have to follow a step-by-step process:

Step 1: First, undo the knob. The shift knob may be attached with screws; you will have to unscrew them in order to remove it. 

Some shift knobs are just attached like screw threads. To remove the shift knob, turn the nut located underneath it in a clockwise direction following the arrow. This will loosen the shift knob. You just have to twist it in order to remove it.

Step 2: In this step, you have to pry off the cover of the gear console. To take off the center console pack from the transmission tunnel, gently pull it away using a little bit of force. 

The shift boot s held in place by some plastic tabs, but it’s not difficult to disconnect it with a little prying and done carefully.

Step 3: Disconnect any type of wiring plugs connected to the console and remove the center console from your car. 

Step 4: Now, after taking the shift boot off, you will need to take off the screws that are holding down the shift boot to the plastic frame. 

Step 5: After unscrewing it, measure the old shift boot and cut your shift boot to the same size for perfect fittings.

Step 6: Now attach your shift boot by screwing or stapling(if it was stapled) just by reversing what you did when opening it.

Step 7: Attach your shift boot frame to the mounting area and press it for evenly mounting.

Step 8: Now, for the final part, place the shift knob and all the screws that were holding down the knob. 

By following these steps, you can change your shift boot in no time.

How to Install a New Shift Knob and Shift Boot

Pros and cons of different types of shift boots

Shift boot comes in many types, such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, synthetic, and leather. Every type of shift boot has a different type of pros and cons. Let’s talk about them.

Cloth shift boot


  1. It has a wider variety of colors and patterns than any other type.
  2. The price of these shift boots is significantly less than any other on the market.


  1. They are easy to tear and rip than other types.
  2. Clothes are not UV resistant, so the color fades more often.
  3. They get stained easily, and wet shift boots can cause damage to the gear mechanism.
  4. They need to get replaced more often.

Vinyl shift boot


  1. Vinyl gives the same look as leather.
  2. It costs way less than leather-shift boots.


  1. Vinyl is not durable as leather.
  2. It cracks, dries out, and breaks easily.
  3. It’s easy to tear up, puncture, and get damaged.
  4. It doesn’t last long, like leather.

Plastic leather or faux leather


  1. It comes with a wide variety of color choices.


  1. Plastic leather is not UV resistant
  2. Plastic leather may decompose from prolonged exposure to excessive temperature changes.
  3. Plastic leather is prone to cracking, ripping, and tearing.
  4. Customizing Plastic leather may cost you more compared to leather.
  5. Plastic leather has less longevity than leather.

Rubber shift boots


  1.  They are more flexible and easy to bend.
  2.  They are less expensive than leather shift boots.
  3. They can last longer than any other type except leather.


  1. Rubber shift boots can get damaged from extreme temperature conditions.
  2. Rubber can fade due to a lack of UV protection.
  3. They will last less than leather shift boots.
  4. Rubber expands due to high heat and doesn’t return to its original shape when it cools down.

Leather shift boot


  1. Leather is more durable than any other material on the shift boot market.
  2. Leather gives a more appealing look to your interior.
  3. They last longer than any shift boot available.
  4. It’s a more customizable option and has a wide variety to choose from.


  1. Expensive option than any other material.
  2. Prone to get damaged by UV rays.

Rather than that, leather shift boots are a great choice and give your interior a more refined look.


The answer to your question, “Do all shift boots fit all cars”

Well, the answer is NO. The fittings of a shift boot depend on different factors, including the make and model of the car, the shape of the gear stick, and the size of the gear knob. 

As mentioned above, shift boot comes in two sizes: universal and custom fit. 

The universal one, however, fits most of the car, and the custom fit is for specific brands only. There is also different type of material available with different pros and cons. 

You have to choose the right shift boot for your car and install it with the process we mentioned above, and by doing that, you can change your shift boot and give your car interior a different personalised look.

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